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Saturday, March 10



Sunday, March 11


Juggling and Other Flying Objects TBAPerry Rubenfeld Moving to Jewish Winnipeg TBAEli Naon • Dafne Orbach Bridging the Gap between Jews and Christians: The Reconciliation Work of Bridges for Peace TBAPeter Fast Cultivating Connection to Self, Community, and the Divine Within: The benefits of Meditation for Youth TBAAlan Green • Chaya Green • Cathy Moser Defeating BDS on Campus (BDS: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) TBASophie Hershfield • Maxine Jacobson • Emily Kroft • Sam Kroft • Raffey Levitt Pinsky Digitizing the Holocaust: Genocide and New Technology” TBAAdam Muller Enhancing Your Mindfulness, Wellness, and Spirituality through a Jewish Lens TBAAl Benarroch • Scott McWilliam • Carli Rossal Exploring Bias: “Fake News” and the Media TBAAdir Krafman Jewish Diplomacy – The World Jewish Congress’ Jewish Diplomatic Corps TBARan Ukashi Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another TBAPeninnah Schram Jews and Cremation: Myths and Facts TBARena Boroditsky LGBT Activism and Israel TBASophie Hershfield My Life Story TBAGordon Pullan Regina Jonas: Teacher, Chaplain, Martyr And First Woman Ordained As A Rabbi TBABill Tepper Return of the Jew & The Meshugene Effect TBAKatka Reszke Sacred Language for Diversity and Inclusivity TBAMicah Buck Yael The Human Rights and Holocaust Study Program at College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate TBAEran Plotnik Tour of the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre TBABelle Jarniewski What’s in a Name? A Storytelling Workshop on Names TBAPeninnah Schram How I Got So Funny? TBABenji Rothman L’Chaim: a Hands on Workshop TBANancy Margolis Sephardic Baking Workshop TBAYeliz Naon How Israeli Agencies Work to Cut Off the Sources of Funds for Terrorist Organizations. TBABernie Bellan Water- Israel's Greatest Triumph & the Return of the Original Blood Libel TBAPatrick Elazar From Winnipeg to Poland: A Winnipegger’s Journey Back to Poland TBAMichael Rubenfeld Living Fruitless: The Jewish Journey of Infertility TBAJon Waldman Overcoming Adversity: How My Dog Saved My Life & Other Stories TBARon East Stories Behind the Photos TBAAlex Zimmer Why go to Poland? TBALisa Kroft • Anita Wortzman An Orthodox Rabbi Reads the New Testament: R. Eliyahu Soloveitchik’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. TBA Orthodox Judaism for Scientists and Skeptics: The Religious Thought of Yeshayahu Leibowitz TBAJustin Jaron Lewis The Seinfeld Finale: A Jewish Perspective TBAMatthew Leibl Kavanah Through Music TBATracy Kasner Greaves Music with Neshama TBANeshama Choir Gender Diversity in Jewish Text TBAMicah Buck Yael Insights into The Passover Haggadah: The Five Rabbis in Benei Brak A matter of life and death TBAYosef Benarroch Who comes first man or G-d? A closer look at the life of Abraham TBAYosef Benarroch